Only a few meters to the Hochwurzenhütte
The Seiter hut in sight - rest at leisure?
Flit into the valley in the last light on the toboggan
At the summit of the Hochwurzen, at the starting point of the natural toboggan run
The valley station of the Gipfelbahn Hochwurzen at night
On the way to the Hochwurzenalm at night
The children are also offered a lot on one of the four huts along the toboggan run

FAQ - misc­ellaneous

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FAQ miscellaneous



How long does the ride on the sled into the valley last?

We ask for your understanding that we can not give any details about it.
Depends on many factors, for example:

  • do I have to wait for someone or can I drive through in one piece?
  • I visit a hut on the way. (There are 4 huts on the way)
  • depending on the condition of the toboggan run, sometimes it's faster and sometimes slower ...
Is it forbidden to use the toboggan run drunk?

Addictive substances of all kinds impair the ability to react and reduce the correct risk assessment.

Snow chains compulsory on arrival?

Depending on the snow conditions, it may be necessary to mount snow chains. After the roundabout at the brewery in Schladming (before the road gets steeper) it is pointed out in this case.