The starting point for the toboggan run at the summit of the Hochwurzen
Flit into the valley in the last light on the toboggan
Enjoy the natural toboggan run by day and by night
Flit into the valley in the last light on the toboggan


during the day on the Hochwurzen

The natural toboggan run, the cabins and the toboggan rental are also open during the day.

The 7 km long natural toboggan run on the Hochwurzen is one of the longest toboggan runs in the Alps. It invites you to go sledding during the day as well as at night.

Tobogganers float uphill on the gondola lift of the Hochwurzen cable cars. This cable car offers sufficient space for the transport of toboggans, which can be borrowed in the immediate vicinity of the valley station. The starting point of the toboggan run is directly on the summit of the Hochwurzen.

Tobogganing is a unique, romantic nature and winter pleasure on two runners. To make a break in one of the four cabins is recommended. The cabins are well distributed from the start to the finish of the toboggan run and also offer enough space for larger groups.
[Source: Planai]

The toboggan run is the same as in the evening or at night.

Family with tobogganing on the way to the sun terrace of the Hochwurzenhütte
In the last sunlight on the toboggan run of the Hochwurzen
Sledders near the Hochwurzenalm